GOODLYFE MUSIC director Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel has reminded Lillian Mbabazi she was nolonger Moze Radio’s wife by the time he died, and therefore she’s no right over his music.

The late (Radio) With Lillian during their hey days that resulted to two kids

The late (Radio) With Lillian during their hey days that resulted to two kids


Eversince talented vocalist and songwriter Moze Radio died a year ago, there has been a contestation as to who rightfully has the right to Radio’s fresh music.
Weasel insists as the late’s music partner, he has every right. Lillian on the other hand believes as the mother of the late singer’s children, she is in charge.
And this has led to a deadly standoff with even court blocking release of late Radio’s new music.
Weasel has now come out to sting the boot in


He claims Radio dumped Lillian months before his death, and therefore she should lie low like an envelope.
“I do respect Lillian. Actually so so much but let her lie low. Intact by the time my brother Radio died, he had dumped you. You were not his wife anymore.

Just look after our kids and our kids’ property and leave my music and Radio’s alone,” Weasel said.
He went further and advised Lillian to concentrate on her faded music career.

He advised her to find inspiration from the likes of Spice Diana.

Good lyfe and Starboy Wizkid

Good lyfe and Starboy Wizkid


Weasel added: “We used to watch Lillian and the Blue3 killing it back in the day. But due to lack of discipline, they are nowhere. Now young female artistes like Spice Diana are holding successful concerts while Lillian is wasting time in petty wars.”



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