Following the death of Ak47 some years ago, Jose Chameleone suggested his former manager Jeff Kiwanuka had a hand in it.

Chameleone accused Jeff of ‘taking AK47.’

This was in his tribute song for his young brother.

Chameleone, Jeff Kiwa and other guys

Chameleone, Jeff Kiwa and other guys

Before then, Chameleone and Jeff were sworn enemies with the latter often referring to the former as a faded singer.
Fast forward to a

year ago following the death of Moze Radio, Chameleone once again accused Jeff of bewitching the talented vocalist.

Him (Chameleone) and a number of other Ugandans thought Jeff had bewitched Radio following the bitter split.
However Chameleone seems to have forgotten about all this and forgiven Jeff.

The two were pictured together on Friday, the first time in over ten years.

The former friends turned enemies were in company of other celebrities on a night out.

And after the picture moment, they all took to their social media handles to post the now trending photo.


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