Bebe Cool’s right to expose musicians who pocketed Uganda leader President Yoweri Museveni’s money and lied to the public, this is according dancehall female star Cindy Sanyu.

Recording Artist Cindy Sanyu

Recording Artist Cindy Sanyu

This comes just a few days after Bebe Cool released a video and pictures of singer Dr. Hilderman signing for Museveni money in 2016.
For starters, this the lowdown.
Various artists accused Bebe of pocketing Shs400 million the president donated to musicians that featured in Tubonga Nawe, a song that was composed for Museveni’s 2016 presidential campaign trail.
Some musicians claimed Bebe Cool had taken the money alone.

Last week, a furious

Bebe gave the musicians a 24 hour ultimate to publicly acknowledge receipt of the money or he would expose them.
With only Big Eye coming out, Bebe made his threat come true by exposing Hilderman first, with more to follow.
Following his exposure, Hilderman has threatened to drag Bebe Cool to court accusing him of breaching their confidentiality understanding.
However Cindy Sanyu, who was not part of the Tubonga Nawe arrangement reckons Bebe is right to expose the two timing musicians.

“I think Bebe is right. If they take the money, let them acknowledge instead of telling lies. I really have no problem with what Bebe did,” Cindy told journalists.
Asked to share her political views, Cindy declined arguing this wasn’t the right time to go political.


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