The Voltage Music Duo of Kent and Flosso have dropped their latest audio “Muzanyo.”


Voltage Music Duo

Voltage Music Duo

The new song “Muzanyo” is a great song, especially coming after their last hit “Byafaayo,” which is still a hit in both clubs and radio.

Kent and Flosso

are signed to Sound Prints, a Ugandan record label, where they have released Tom and Jerry, Pull UP, Cheza Mama, Aye and other hits before “Byafaayo” last year.

With the release of “Muzanyo,” the Duo who promised their fans hits and collabos in 2019 seem to be following those words with action.

Sound Prints has confirmed that “Muzanyo” video has already been shot. We shall bring you updates on the video release as they unfold.


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