Musician Hillary Kiyaga, alias Dr. Hilderman, is considering suing fellow  artiste Bebe Cool.
Dr. Hilda Man

Dr. Hilda Man

Hilderman accuses Bebe Cool of breaking their confidentiality agreement.
This comes after the Gagamelians International star Bebe Cool released a video of Hilderman receiving Shs2 million from President Yoweri Museveni in 2016.
Hilderman acknowledged receiving the money but claims this was a private arrangement, not meant for public consumption.
“I’m going to sue  him, this was between me and him. Why on earth did he go public?” Hilderman warned. Previously Hilderman had denied ever pocketing Museveni’s money in 2016.
In fact he had accused Bebe Cool of pocketing Shs400 million Museveni gave to musicians following a get together dinner at Speke Resort in Munyonyo.
But following Bebe’s exposure, Hilderman has acknowledged receiving Shs25 million.
However, he called all this Bebe project of exposing artistes who ‘ate’ Museveni money, blackmail.
“I was part of the 2016 campaign trail for president Museveni. With all due respect we had a contract and Memorandum of understanding between me and the contracting body KK Advocates which deserves respect.
“I was contracted to offer a service which I openly performed with dignity and royalty as was instructed by our MOU and I was paid.
This campaign was branded with the Tubonga Nawe song which was launched in 2016 at Munyonyo where I was invited as a guest. The President was the chief guest and he pledged 400 million towards the artists sacco.
Bebe Cool was granted the platform of speaking on behalf of all artists and so followed up the president’s pledge.
While at Sheraton some evening, a colleague called me and informed me how Bebe was distributing money to artists who attended the Munyonyo event which I had also attended.
 I rang Bebe and he directed me to find him at Serena (hotel).
Bebe told me the money was only for musicians who featured in Tubonga Nawe song but not all artists. Since I never featured in the song, I automatically bought his statement.
I decided to leave his hotel but before closing the door he called me back and gave me 2millions (two millions) and told me to sign for his easy accountability to legit beneficiaries.”

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