Kampala Central Member of Parliament Mohammad Nsereko has accused musicians of selfishness.

MP Nsereko

MP Nsereko

In a stinging social media post, Nsereko rightly accused the singers of only caring about themeselves and not minding about other Ugandans, their fans.
Nsereko wondered why the musicians never come up to speak about issues affecting other professionals like teachers, doctors among others.
“When the teachers strike you keep quiet.
When doctors and medical practitioners strike your also silent. When Lord Mayor Lukwago was persecuted and thrown out of office you continued to sing at the KCCA carnival. When Dr. Besigye was arrested and detained for over 490 times you kept quiet,” Nsereko writes.
He adds: “When the Public Order Management Act was being tabled you also kept quiet. When people are wrongfully imprisoned and tortured, you keep quiet. When the poor street vendors who support your industry are roughed up, you keep quiet. When the

traders are unfairly taxed and locked out of their working places by inhumane landlords, you remain silent. When markets are burnt or destroyed plus land evictions of the poor are conducted . You keep silent.

Finally during the famous TOGIKWATAKO or constitutional Ammendment took place, you stayed silent, only to see the very foundation of our constitution be destroyed.”
However the legislator promised to stand with the musicians as they currently go through one of the most turbulent times of the industry with the recent proposed regulations to govern them.

“Now the sword has been brought to your necks. We shall come to your rescue because we think this bill is brought by this government in bad faith, with no intention at all to strengthen the music and art industry,” Nsereko further writes.

He also advised the artistes to learn from this and be involved in the day to day problems of the whole country.
He concludes: “Let this be a learning process to you and all Ugandans,that in this struggle we need one another.”


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