The new entertainment legislation in uganda is certainly making rounds from all sorts of corners.

Here’s my “two cents” on the subject.

Federation for Ugandan Gospel Artists President Isaac Ruuci being interviewed by next radio host

Federation for Ugandan Gospel Artists President Isaac Ruuci being interviewed recently


The far right(the bill designers)are making the case that perhaps the artists across all genres and categories are making alot of money from their various shows and record sales.


The latter is in doubt since the copyright law is merely a piece of paper; and that they should therefore make their fair share of contribution to the internal revenue collected.


And this is being touted as a morality issue,trying to claim indescent dress code.

While this may be true, I strongly believe its just to drive the point home for the far right whose ultimate aim is to silence free speech and opinion because they cannot find a worthy defence or alternative to the “people power”chant and rising pressure from the once inocuous slogan.


The far and center left on the other hand obviously thinks the regulation is way over the top(OTT) just like the tax on social media itself.


They think that this is not only an attack on alternative opinion to statusquo but also an impedement to the industry that is employing a huge demorgrahic in a country that has one of the youngest population in the world!
In my opinion,  the entertainers need to be regulated just like all

the other professions, but in whay spirit?


If the far right wants to expand its tax base it should also learn to account effectively for the public’s shilling it already collects.


I don’t see why they should seek to add another ‘headache to their migraine.
I also think that the entertainers ought to do more research on the various regulations from the countries from which they draw inspiration like india and its bollywood that has been directed to disclaim any habit deemed irresponsible in and irrelevant to indian culture (even when a character in a movie smokes or depicts any sort of violence against a certain sect, the regulator has to compel the producer to strongly condemn) and that the depiction in the particular scene is merely for entertainment but the vice is strongly and vehmently deplorable!

The skimply dressed vixens should ofcourse know better and to look at the broader picture.

But that is a story for another day perhaps.
Rather than the far right disguising around regulation, it should simply come out and ban what they dont and do not wish to hear being said about the government.


They should also invest in research and find out just what is prompting the left to resort to music to voice out their disatisfaction and frustration.

With their status or lack of it, the reality is the vast majority of the demorgraphic is broke and oblique of what tomorrow brings.


So they resort to music as a means to vent out their hearfelt frustration because the consequences have atleast been tolerable.

The slaves did the same. Bob Marley too.

Music is not going anywhere, neither is entertainment.


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