Pastor Wilson Bugembe expressed regret for appearing on Bobi Wine’s politicised Engule hit.
Bugembe has received backlash from members of the clergy.
Pastor Wilson Bugembe

Pastor Wilson Bugembe

Bugembe who is also a musician says that if he was contacted today, he would say ‘no’ to his involvement in the production of Bobi Wine’s new controversial song Tuliyambala Engule an originally gospel hymn.
This comes on the heels of bashing by fellow pastors including Joseph Serwadda and Martin Ssempa for singing a verse in, a political song derived from a Christian hymn.
“Go and warn that Member of Parliament who is using the song. Tell him don’t use God’s property. Tell him to stop using God’s property in blasphemous situations like this one,” Pastor Serwadda has cautioned in an interview given to NTV.
However, Bugembe says he did not realize the song was political when they were recording it in studio, adding that he also limited his role.
“I think I underestimated its impact and if I was to do it all over again I would be like ‘No’,” Pastor Bugembe said.
Bugembe who was part of a number of top artists that composed a song (Tubonga Naawe) for President Museveni also said that he is not anti-government.
“When you see my part, I did exactly what they told me. I am not anti-government,” he said.
Pastor Ssempa who could not hide his disgust accuses Bobi Wine for using the gospel hymn to make fake promises to God’s people.
“For him he is talking about a political campaign where when he becomes president or leader then he himself he says he will give medicine. That is not then new Jerusalem. It is cheapening it. That is a fake new Jerusalem. Treatment of people is a fundamental human right,” Pastor Ssempa said.
The pastors warned of dire repercussions if Bobi Wine doesn’t denounce the song.
“I am also going to write to the electoral commission. I want them to release a message to all politicians to cease and desist from the appropriation and misuse of religious songs for political purposes,” Pastor Ssempa said.

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