City emcee David Kazoora Jnr has accepted musician Eddy Kenzo of side stepping him in an Airtel deal worth billions of shillings.
Kazoora claims Kenzo sidelined him after he introduced him to the telecom bosses prior to being named ambassador. For over three years, Kenzo has been the Airtel ambassador in a deal worth Shs1.2 billion.


Kazoora claims he took the deal to Kenzo. However he has never received a single penny.
In a social media rant, Kazoora wrote:
“About 4 or so years ago, I was given a brief to launch an airtel campaign called switch on and Yaya Toure was the face of the campaign, ofcourse from airtel group.
Basically from the ghetto to a world footballer, they wanted his story to inspire many youth.
After the brief I asked if Yaya was going to be invited for the launch but that was rather silly because the man was scoring goals in Manchester City.
A few weeks earlier I was involved in filming Eddie Kenzo’s life story for NTV About Town and to me I thought Eddie would be the face of this airtel campaign.
During the meeting at airtel I brought it up but I was rubbished off.
Infact I begged the committee to include him in the budgets so he could perform but they chose Anne Kamsiime, Moze Radio and Weasle plus Irene Ntale.
I called Eddie and told him about it and asked him to attend and just do one song and then talk about his life but he insisted that I pay him Shs3 million. His manager was really hard on me so I had to give them Shs1m to book them so that they don’t give away the date… my personal 1m.
The event happened at Golf Course hotel and every top manager attended.
Radio and Weasel, Anne and Irene all performed and I made sure Kenzo performed last.
Before jumping on stage ofcourse they wanted their balance of 2m but I gave them Shs700k for fuel.
And Kenzo told his story. And boom. I receive a text from the marketing boss Prasoon Lal asking for a meeting with Kenzo next Monday morning at 10am.
Saturday afternoon I sat on my laptop and did a proposal worth Shs1.2b for a country tour and promotion for Kenzo and I was ready for Monday.
I had told him and the managers about the monday meeting but how things turned around. The next thing I see is they have Suudi Lukwago discussing the deal and ofcourse some marketing guys at airtel had also gone behind my back and I was out of the deal.
Next I hear Kenzo is the ambassador and getting about Shs60m a year.”

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