A section of Members of Parliament including Kampala Central MP Muhammad Nsereko, are demanding answers as to how a mere civilian Bryan White Kirumira ‘can order around’ police and UPDF bosses.


City socialite Bryan White has been stationed at Mutima Beach since news of the boat cruise tragedy broke out. He even pledged to give Shs100,000 for every dead body found by the fishermen who are helping out in the search for the victim’s bodies which are suspected to still be trapped under the boat’s wreckage.

Bryan White directing rescuers

Bryan White directing rescuers

His gesture had been received well by the public until photos and videos emerged of him seemingly supervising the work of the police and UPDF marine units. If you have seen him on TV interviews then you might know that he is quite the bossy guy.



Among the people irked by his seemingly bossy attitude is Kampala Central Division Member of Parliament (MP) Muhammad Nsereko who brought the issue to the floor of Parliament.


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MP Nsereko