Ugandan music trio, B2C, yesterday announced their split from manager Andrew Mugerwa better known as Manager Andy after years of a solid relationship.

Manager Andy

Manager Andy

Manager Andy helped set up B2C and is said to have single handedly funded their music journey ever since. But to many people’s surprise, the musicians dumped him in a letter addressed to the media yesterday.

In an official communication B2C appreciate him for the work he has done, helping them win a couple of awards, release a debut album and making over 15 amazing music videos under his management. It goes ahead to say that their now ex manager, has very many pressing issues at the moment that he is

dealing with and cannot balance them with managing  the group.

This website has learnt that prior to the official announcement, the musicians’ relationship with Andy soured beyond repair. The musicians accuse him of fraud and deceit.

Trouble started earlier this year after the group held a music concert at Freedom City in Kampala. With Andy in charge of finances and the whole event organization, the musicians were shocked when he told them that the event had been a loss, yet it was packed to full capacity.



As a result, each of the three musicians was paid Shs10 million for all the three concerts they held. The B2C boys were left convinced Andy had fleeced them. Since then, their troubles with him started.


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