Ok now that is official B2C have separated with Andy. I would like to offer my independent professional opinion.

Emma Carlos

Emma Carlos

The questions to be asked are;

1. Did Andy recap his return to investment after the concert, if no then the Boyz aren’t fair. If yes then that brings us to the second question which is;

2. How about projected future earnings (corporate endorsements, movie sound tracks, YouTube, downloads etc), despite the fact that it’s the boys who created the music that’s just a competent in making B2C a brand, Andy invested (money, time, social capital-connections and any other resource available)


Our industry has now reached a level where we should all come at a round table as stakeholders and pen guidelines, regulations and standards of running the business.

In 1991 under the initiative of Suge Knight, Dr Dre (who Suge had just bought out of his managerial contract with Niggers With Attitude – NWA, it had tied him) Snoop Doggy and Tupac Shakur (who Suge had just deposited bail for, at a tune of $1.4m, a fact that saw him being released out of jail on sexual harrasment case, in return he had to record two albums i.e all eyes on me and me against the world) formed Death Row it was epic, however when differences came, in 1994 Dr Dre left and formed his own label Aftermath all his previous works remained a property of Death Row he only earned loyalties off it, why becuase that’s how it’s supposed to be,

but here the musicians goes with everything it ain’t right.

Still on Dr Dre he went on and signed Eminem then later 50 Cents who also left to form GUnit, in the aftermath of the split Eminem dropped a line in one of his songs that went like, ‘even if 50 Cents left we still earn a cent off his dollar.’ Meaning that the label still earns off his music that propelled him to the limelight, why because Dre and Eminem invested. My point is that it has to be a win win situation.

Back home here in Ug where there is no guaranteed returns to musical investment (we only look at shows, therefore if you have no loyal artist and control measures in place you bound to lose out from gaining in music) case in point I hear Chosen Beckie has also abandoned her management team.

My suggestion would be and has always been we need to create standards, (people may say that I have suffered far worse losses but at least now everyone has gone through a break up) we can’t keep pretending ( Julius Kyazze, Benon, Jeff Kiwa, Kayemba, Derick Orone, Sam Mukasa, Shadrack ono yabidukka) that it’s business as usual, for instance can Andy now surely sign another musician, he can’t, which means we have lost as an industry an individual who was getting capital from other businesses and injecting it into our music industry.

We need to understand the nature of our business, draw general guidlines that we can fall back on when such situations come, so that no party loses, because like it or not they are bound to happen.

For the Love of Ugandan Music!


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