Judith Heard is finally going international.

One of the shot from her many nude photos

One of the shot from her many nude photos

The Ugandan-Rwandese model has been making headlines in the UK paper Dailymail and CNN (USA) for her nudes. Speaking to the media, JH- as she is known in close cirlces reveals she was blackmailed for $3,000 (Shs11m) when someone stole her nude selfies and threatened to publish them online.

Judith Heard, 32, refused to pay and her photos were leaked without her consent in 2013.

But in May this year, the nude photos of her began to circulate online again only this time she was

arrested under Uganda’s Anti-Pornography Act.

She claims the photos came from a stolen phone or computer and insists she never sent them to anyone.

Heard was one of three women who had their nude pictures or sex tapes shared online without their consent.

Judith after being summoned at Police

Judith after being summoned at Police

Police officer Esther Akol had a nude photo of her in uniform circulating online but she said her ex-boyfriend had maliciously edited the photo to appear as her.

During a press conference, the Pornography Control Committee chair, Annette Kezaabu, referenced Akol’s case saying that ‘woman can be both a victim and perpetrator at the same time’.


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