It’s just days to opposition musician and member of parliament Bobi Wine’s highly anticipated Kyarenga concert, but it looks like no corporate company is ready to associate with it.

Bobi wine  at his one love beach

Bobi wine at his one love beach

Bobi has failed to attract big corporate sponsors for his gig set for this Saturday at One

Love beach in Busabala. For starters, the singer cum politician had planned to host the event
at the Mandela National Stadium but his plans were sabotaged, allegedly by government.
Now corporate company bosses, known to support local music concerts, have distanced themselves from associating with the event in fear of being seen as opposition sympathisers. Beverage and telecom companies that have been known to support local music concerts are nowhere in the Kyarenga concert talk, and yet the event is expected to be a sell-out.


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