Various Ugandan musicians are not happy with fellow singer A Pass. The Mummy singer is being accused by a host of musicians of disrespect. Ever since he hit the music scene, A Pass hasn’t been someone who runs away from controversy.



From various attacks on mentor Bebe Cool, A Pass has practically ridiculed almost every musician. And just recently he labelled all Uganda singers unprofessional and


And this has sparked a rush with many publicly criticizing the musician. Voltage duo of Kent and Flosso are have now labelled A Pass a comedian and joker on live TV.

This comes on top of various fans disgusted with his behavior with many saying he is disrespectful.

A few weeks back A-Pass made a provocative social media post suggesting that he wanted to stand for president in 2021. The post, which has made rounds on social media, has attracted mixed reactions from the public, including praise and ridicule.


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