As we once wrote after quitting NTV about a month ago Zahara Toto and Annatalia Oze who decided to join Next Media,had not been aired at all and we wondered.

Ozze, Next Media head, Toto and NBS' Pamela

Ozze, Next Media head, Toto and NBS’ Pamela

However last night the duo came out and featured with the Next Media creative and marketing team.

The boisterous two said their new show dubbed “Uncut” will be the first ever news entertainment show Ugandans will ever see

“It will

be strictly entertainment news, we don’t tell the hardcore news and it’s uncensored, unapologetic and unfiltered,” Oze said.

“Uncut” will dual broadcast on both NBS TV and Sanyuka TV every day at 7:45 PM.

Oze added that the show is “way beyond” what their fans are used to on Ugandan TVs.

Totto reiterated that “Uncut” will not attack or fight people but just to “deliver entertainment news”.

“Uncut is bringing proof and facts on the table. It is what people should expect,” Totto Aserted.

On the issue of invading the privacy of persons on their show, Oze said the show will be ethical and won’t “go beyond”.

Er.. there you are folks…


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