Uganda Lotteries & Gaming boss Edgar Agaba is being accused of obtaining a bribe.

A source tells this webiste that Agaba recently met and disposed off a client dispute in Star Casino under dubious circumstances.

Edgar Agaba

Edgar Agaba

Chinese gamblers accuse Agaba of taking a bribe from the owners of the casino (Star) after they reported a case against the casino.

It is said that the Chinese clients were cheated by the casino owners after they removed the lucky cards from the bakarata, one of the many gambling games at the Chinese owned betting house.

We are told the Chinese clients lost over shs100 million.

To prove that the lucky cards had been removed from the game, the clients decided to play until the last cards.
Indeed the lucky cards had been

tampered with, prompting them to report the matter to police.
Management had turned a deaf ear to the clients’ pleas. Police advised them to report the matter to Gaming and lotteries board. It was reported to a gaming staff only known as Chyna who forwarded the matter to his bosses.

It was later revealed that the matter reached the boss Agaba who had to take action.
To their dismay, nothing happened and reports claim he (Agaba) was allegedly bribed to ‘kill’ the matter.
The matter indeed died under unclear circumstances.

And now sources claim various issues regarding Lotteries and Gaming have been dealt with under unclear circumstances, with many pointing fingers at Agaba.
Insiders now accuse Agaba of using under hand methods to amass wealth.
We contacted Agaba, and his close people for a comment about these allegations.
All our efforts were in vain.
The casino bosses refused to talk to us.

More to follow…


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