Desire Luzinda said while launching a new campaign – Girls and Goals, under which she intends to create awareness about the struggles of the girl child and how they can be overcome.

Desire is known for flaunting her big 'things'

Desire is known for flaunting her big ‘things’


Desire recently resigned from secular music claiming she returned to God thus being saved and as claimed by those around her, it is alleged that she has been on a mission to pass on her experience and knowledge to young


Singer Desire Luzinda is a proud mother of one, but she says her journey of motherhood has not been a bed of roses.

She fell pregnant in 2003 while she was in senior six at Makerere College, Kampala. She was forced to leave school and study from home.

“Most people don’t know how to treat a young pregnant girl. I was ridiculed, called names and treated like an outcast due to my growing belly,” she explained.

“The teachers were tolerant but the students were not,”she added.

Desire and her daughter

Desire and her daughter


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