All is not well with top Kampala slays queens as they are reportedly counting losses over the arrival of global slay queen, Kim Kardashian in this banana republic.

Kampala's Socialite -Judith Heard

Kampala’s Socialite -Judith Heard

Our moles have eavesdropped conversations between Judith Heard and a good number of slaying queens cursing why Kim accompanied her hubby, Kanye West to Uganda.

“As we speak now, they are sad and blue that Kim escorted her hubby to Uganda. What we have gathered is that they know the threat Kim poses due to her global sexiness appeal. Their WhatsApp group is dominated by curses with many of them wondering who unleashed bad luck omens on them,” our mole revealed.

Ugandan slay queens are known to court global stars whenever they are in the country from footballers playing in the lucrative British Premier League to the music icons who have set foot in this country.

“Some of them were hoping and preparing to

lay Kanye and get some of the superstar’s Benjamin’s but Kim’s presence means the 2018 year’s end won’t be smooth. Kim’s presence also means they won’t be able to grab selfie moments with the Trump supporter to have bragging rights on Instagram and snapchat streets,” the mole added.

Kim, Kanye and their brood arrived at Entebbe International Airport last Friday with a huge entourage.  They were shuttled to Chobe resort where they’ll be staying until October 19th.

One slay queen was overheard saying she had wanted to taste the connection of the MAGA enthusiast’s dongle so she can be inscribed in history as one of those who laid the American entertainer.

Kanye who recently changed his name to YE, is working on his next album — they will be producing music and shooting some videos while they are there. Big Sean is at the hotel as well, most likely to collaborate with Kanye on the album.

Kanye’s told US media he wanted to go to Africa to “feel the energy.”  He wants to record into a mic that’s in the middle of nature.


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