American power couple of Kanye and Kim Kardashina West spent last night at Chobe Safari Lodges in Uganda.

chobe safari lodge

chobe safari lodge

And the two superstars will spend the next few days in Uganda, where Kanye is recording his next music album. It was the first time for Kanye in Africa.

 This means the couple spent their first night in Africa at Chobe and particularly in the presidential suite.

Today we look at the suite where the two spent their first night on African soil.

The presidential suite 

The name of this cottage speaks for itself. Guests wanting exclusivity and unparalleled privacy can opt to choose this accommodation as it is situated on a private section of the property.


Facing the lagoon from in

A private butler will be is

ever on duty and call 24 hours a day to address a guest’s needs. There is a twin bedroom, a double bedroom and a large living room.

Relaxing on the balcony and terraces, overlooking your own private lagoon where buffalos and hippos swim in the water, is an experience

you can soak up with the knowledge that no other guest can do the same.

The suite has private bathrooms and showers with dual sinks, ceiling fans, a private balcony with loungers overlooking a private lagoon.

It also boasts of a spacious seating area with sofas, televisions and loungers. There is a complimentary fruit basket and water, climate controlled air-conditioning.

It has a mini bar.

The Bed room

The Bed room

Living room

Living room

Additional information: Chobe Safari website


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