During his last days on earth, late Moze Radio had practically become inseparable with Emma Carlos.

King Saha, Emma Carlos connive to sell Moze Radio melodies and hooks
The two had become so close that they used to share everything. Music ideas, women, booze.
These two had everything in common.

Singing giant Moze Radio died early February 2018.

Rydim Boyz

Rydim Boyz

Around a year before his demise, he had signed Emma Carlos as one of the managers of the Good Lyfe.
Emma worked alongside Chagga Yaga and Emotions.

But it was Emma who was close to Radio the most.

The two would hangout together in places like Mulungo, Mutima Island and Rastas beach

in Entebbe.
Most times, Moze would get melodies humming in his head.

And he used to ask Emma Carlos to record them on his phone.

This would cut out their work in studio sessions.

Some were recorded and produced into hits.

Sadly, Radio died before he produced all of them.

We have landed on exclusive info that Emma Carlos has teamed up with King Saha and sold one of the late’s feelings to Derick Orone the owner of Rydim Empire.

We hear the melody was sold at a tune of Shs5 million for Rydim Boyz.

Sources tell us the song is called Mary. Remember Manager Derick and Emma Carlos are now partners grooming Rydim Boyz.

Now studio sources add that Saha has been in studio with the Rydim Boyz working on the song that is expected to rock the nation.

The song will be released soon.
However we do not know if Moze Radio is credited for his role.

Watch this space!


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