Sad news reaching our desk from the United Kingdom shows another Ugandan girl has died of depression.

Twenty two year old Claire Zoe Mayambala had just graduated as a teacher last week.

Zoe is dead

Zoe is dead

In one of her last posts on social media site Facebok, Zoe expressed her concern towards depression and even offered herself for free counseling to those struggling with mental health.

She revealed she had been fighting the vice for over a year, saying the last one year has been the hardest of her life.

It is however not clear what caused her depression.

According to google searches, depression

can affect anyone at almost any age. And the reasons why some people grow depressed isn’t always known. But, researchers suspect there are many causes of depression and it isn’t always preventable.

Family studies have linked depression to genetics. But, researchers are not yet certain about all the genetic risk factors for depression.

It has been widely documented that women suffer from major depression about twice as often as men. Because the incidence of depressive disorders peaks during women’s reproductive years, it is believed that hormonal risk factors may be to blame.


Women are especially prone to depressive disorders during times when their hormones are in flux, such as around the time of their menstrual period, childbirth, and perimenopause. In addition, a woman’s depression risk declines after she goes through menopause.




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