Fans of Sheebah Karungi think they know why their extremely successful female musician is reportedly gay.

Sheebah pictured kissing Juliana Kanyomozi

Sheebah pictured kissing Juliana Kanyomozi

For years there have been reports of the Beera Nange star being involved in lesbian relationships. She has been linked to a host of female socialites and pals including one-time rapper Tracy Keko Town.

Sometime back she was also pictured kissing fellow musician Juliana Kanyomozi at an event in Kampala.

All the time,

she never came out to publicly deny these allegations.

And now fans think they know why she is or could be lesbo.

In a recent interview, the local superstar revealed that men fear her.

She is quoted by various media reports: “Sometimes I can take months, years without having any man saying he wants me. People don’t believe me when I tell them.”


She said this after she was asked if she had a boyfriend and seemed to insinuate that men fear to approach because of her success.

For years, Sheebah has not been in any relationship with males.

Fellas, up your game!


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