Word reaching Xclusive Ug News desk is that the Pornography Control Commmittee is hunting for socialites Judith Heard and Jack Pemba for allegedly producing pornographic photos and videos.

Judith Heard could still be in trouble

Judith Heard could still be in trouble

Many have criticised the committee for being toothless and at best harmless barks.

For this not word has been doing rounds that it stepped into the territory of models and journalists as then UCU’s Lilian Rukondo was arrested. Ashburg Kato was also recently in the coolers for distributing Rukundo’s sex tape.

The committee has now gone onto hunt the big cats; Heard and Pemba.
On April 23, a sext tape involving a female socialite known as Suleman and a man allegedly as Pemba was released on snapchat.
Through her facebook account, Suleman claimed that Pemba leaked the Video after she failed to remit $5,000 (Sh18.5m) ransom.

In the post she noted that she was not willing to pay any amount of money. However moments later, Pemba denied having leaked the video. He also said he was not the man in the video either.

Well, as the Suleman-Pemba odeal vanished in the media, Judith Heard’s nudes leaked again the second time in May, taking us for another porn frenzy.
With no comfirmation however, it is apparent that its her Jilted Lover who had leaked the pictures, leaving her with a new name Ms Bean which ran for weeks on all social platforms mostly whatsapp.

This compelled Judith Heard to come out publically and apologize. The Concluding statements on her facebook read – For my fans, family, friends sponsors, my sincere apologies for any inconveniences caused in the course of the hater’s satisfaction of bringing me down. MISSION FAILED.”

Both Pemba and Judith Heard are not in the country but as soon as we get word that they are any where within the country’s bounderies, we have tasked the police to arrest them.

– Siad Dr. Annet Kezaabu Kasimbazi, the Chairperson PCC.

Keezabu warned that the committee will ensure that no Ugandan poroduces and/or shares nudes among other pornographic materials. Kezaabu also vowed to protect families and children against pornography. Pornograhy corrupts the mind Kezaabu added.

Dr. Annet Kezaabu Kasimbazi

Dr. Annet Kezaabu Kasimbazi

The committee is corroborating with the ministry of ICT, NITA, UCC and the Police to apprehend the culprits. Kezaabu also said the commission has the capacity to tell who shared what and at what time.

What the Law Says;

Section 13(1) of the Anti-Pornographic Act, 2014 says that a person shall not produce traffic in, publish, broadcast, procure, import, export,sell or abet any form of pornographic content.

Under the same section, pragraph 2 of the act says a person who produces or participates in the circulation of pornographic content contrally to this subsection commits and offence and is liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding a five hundred currency points or imprisonment not exceeding 10 years or both.

Recently Lilian Rukundo faced the law and was sentenced to two years

Recently Lilian Rukundo faced the law and was sentenced to two years

About the Committee;

The PCC is a nine-man committee established in the month of August in 2017 by the Directorate of Ethics and Integrity to implement the Anti-pornography Act of 2014.

The Act mandates the committee to ensure early detection and prohibition of pornography, arrest and prosecution of culprits.

It also required to collect and destroy pronographic with the assistance of the police and also promote appropriate educational materials against pornography and rehabilitation of affected people, especially addicts.

The Committee is mandated to expedite the development, acquisition and installation of effective protective software in the electronic devices like computers, phones, Tvs for both detection and surpression.


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