In the budding time of when theme nights are catching up all over hot spots in the city, the one only uptown rooted bar that seems to be a tip off to the deby downers in Kampala now,happens to be Atmosphere Lounge.

The Slay Farmer himself

The Slay Farmer himself

From the fancy dressed,the corporate loosened ties to the crowd from film nights,there’s such a lighting that has been added to the then once over hyped branded ‘band’ nights for the character flenched known TBT as a spasmodic word on your car radio or whatsapp text.

There is a new trend – a twist of all themes. Great Music play backs, all reserve booked branded tables, fire flaming drinks and an engaging crowd all crowned and mastered by an interest of all characters – Slay Farmer.

Xclusive Ug’s Corporate Sleaze team caught up with him and in his words;

Slay farmer could be described as a budding social media influencer; product brand ambassador as well as upscale night promoter for high end bars and night clubs in and around Kampala city.

Using social media as

a marketing and promotional tool; slay farmer regularly posts on targeted social media platforms to generate large followings of interested people to pay close attention to his posts there by creating a trend ultimately resulting into his followers buying the products he endorses.

A prime example of his body of work is the throw back thursday at atmosphere lounge in Kololo which has redefined Thursday nights in Kampala with its blend of old school hiphop and RnB music as well as a vibrant corporate crowd.

Dust, Slayfarmer & Dj pal on the mix n grill Sundays

Dust, Slayfarmer & Dj pal on the mix n grill Sundays

This combination of good music and free selected cocktails for the ladies has proven to be brilliant master stroke making Atmosphere lounge your place to be on Thursday night.

Never one to sleep on a hustle; slay farmer is always open to working with progressive brands and like minded individuals to create consumer awareness for their products as well as guarantee a constant social media presence.


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