Socialite cum TV star Zahara Toto seems to be in a jubilation mood ever since news that Herbert and Dorothy Shonga had split, following the collapse of their marriage.

Zahara Toto

Zahara Toto

Shonga and Dorothy split this year after developing marital problems. Their split culminated into Shonga hooking another babe identified as Sheilah Mulungi, his former employee.

However, prior to their split, Shonga and Dorothy used to put up a public display of affection, during which they often kissed in public or showered lavish gifts unto each other and are remembered for holding a lavish wedding in Kampala. But a few months after their wedding, Dorothy started accusing

Shonga of being close to several city babes, amongst them Zahara.

This sparked off a bitter verbal war between Zahara and Shonga, which raged on for several weeks that preceded the collapse of the Shongas’ marriage.

Following the collapse, Zahara is reportedly going around telling pals that she knew the Shongas marriage wouldn’t work and that Dorothy refused to accept what or who she is.

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga before they split

Herbert and Dorothy Shonga before they split

At the time of their bitter biff Zahara, whom Dorothy once accused of being Shonga’s Side Chic, was working for the Shongas. To date the two babes are sworn nemeses.


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