Looks like Leah Kagasa’s reign is soon coming to an end after Miss Uganda pageant resurrects.

It is only her reign as beauty pageant that has gone on for two years and counting. Leah Kagasa won the crown for Miss Uganda during the competitions that took place in 2016 and she was crowned Miss Uganda 2016/17 but its gone on to 2018.

Brenda Nanyonjo and Talent Africa Boss Ali

Brenda Nanyonjo and Talent Africa Boss Aly Alibhai

Talent Africa Group together with Miss Uganda CEO Brenda Nanyonjo,announced this at the Press Conference held at Kampala Sheraton Hotel that they are partnering.

While penning a three-year

agreement to revive the, Pageant Brenda Nanyonjo was quoted saying “I believe in Talent Africa being one of the best events companies in the country and with that, I believe the Miss Uganda pageant will be a dream come true.”

Aly Alibhai the CEO of Talent Africa will be handling the events and the business part of Miss Uganda while Kezzi Entertainment will handle the pageantry bit of Miss Uganda.

“If anyone remembers how vibrant Miss Uganda used to be, we are going to work hand in hand with Kezzi to bring back that oomph” Alibhai said.

Miss Uganda after auditions and different themed events in different regions, Miss Uganda grand finale will take place at Kampala Sheraton Hotel on August 10 and finally.


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