I Had A Quickie With My Student

I can tell you I’m a black man and black African men love women who are well shaped at the back side; but that’s not the point. There’s something so primal, so tempting about a woman’s bum, especially the African one. I am talking about booty and what goes with it. Yeah that’s what drives me crazy on a woman, I don’t know about you.

Well, this is a story about the time my Mavado got some of that big bum from a girl equally as forbidden as a married woman.

She had the thighs to die for

She had the thighs to die for

After my S.6 I was lucky to find a part time job coaching ‘O’ level & high school students. I’d go to their houses, teach them some science, do some math…whatever it was I’d do just to fend for my life while in Vac, and to save enough for the apparent university life that I was always told about.
The neighborhoods I’ grew in was urban. Let’s say lower Naguru as transformed into modern times of the day.

Flats and estates were the thing then – Naguru, Bukoto, Ntinda and Bugos all had the same setting.

And as you can guess, the families were tight when it came to their hot daughters, the community was uptight too. It was low crime, clean cut.

One of these clean cut families – the Rwapiga’s, had a daughter. Her name was Shanika.

I’ll never forget the day I ate her Onion big time.
Shanika was a very light-skinned babe. She had just turned 16, and I was 20 at the time, though I stood an inch or two shorter than her.

Shanika’s  figure was amazing. Voluptuous, but not in the least bit overweight. Beautiful curvy hips, large C-cup boobs, had dark short hair and beautiful eyes. But Shanika never thought of herself that way at all.

She had attended a single sex school all her life, and I had heard that Nabisunsa had exposed her to some thematic adventures, and all she needed was to earn the exprience.

Shanika had never partied, never did the Transday parties I was fond of at the time.

She was truly as innocent as her family made it look.

But no, on her end she wanted to break out of that bubble – only an excuse.

And for me, Okay at least i didnt ‘see’ anything like like… Wait!

I had been coaching Shanika at her home for a week, and I’d get excited each time I was there. I’d tell her to go sharpen her pencil just to watch her bubbly bumper bounce as she got busy.

I always elusively, made my eyes onto her boobs as they bounced piercing through her dress as she got away.

This chic was so addictive because she never wore any bra for her age.

I must have made it a habit because each time I did it, I was always vindictive and loved the view.

One day, soft-spoken Shanika caught me by surprise.


“What are you looking at?” she asked.

“Huh? Nothing, why?”

Shanika flittered her lashes at me and scoffed.

“Come on, I’m not an idiot. I know you’ve been looking.” She queried.

“Looking at what you?” I coughed.

I then asked her to sharpen her pencil. But she got up and blatantly dropped her pencil behind her.

“Oops,” she said, as she bent over to pick it, only to show me her Goodies. My Mavado got so rock hard in a second.

“Looking at this,” she said as she spanked herself, giggling at me.

A panic rushed over me.Blood rushed to my Mavado, and my head. What was I going to do? If her parents learnt about it, what would they do to me?

Shanika’s mom was a hard knock Mukiga woman who often wore a devilish smile. I had witnessed her punish Shanika’s little sisters butt naked.

One hundred four thoughts kept tickling my mind in seconds but

my Mavado was rock hard, wishing for Shanika’s Onion.

I swallowed multiple gallons of saliva as sweat formed around my nose,panicking at the thought fighting my hard on.

At the very least I’d be glad to be fired at that point. Then I could at least just move on to a new neighborhood and start up again as a ‘friendly neighborhood student-teacher, now pervert-free!”

But a part of me needed her. I badly wanted her Onion and I was willing to eat it.

I thought first, what if I got caught; wouldn’t I be lynched, jailed for life or sentenced to death? I sheepishly talked to myself as my eyes remained glued her boobs as I opened blank pages.
Or at the very least , the entire community would know I was a total freak and psycho who slices young girls’ Onions. I’d be a fugitive on the run- I flinched my nose towards my eyes.

“So what are we doing today?” Shanika shot.

“Still don’t know what you’re–” I fumbled at the question.

“Shuuuuttup. I know you’re just trying to cover up that.” she lazily spoke out while staring at my already hidden hard Mooovas Mavado.

“Don’t worry. I’d be in as much trouble as you if we…,” she tried to convince.


“I doubt it,” I said.

She sat down and rolled her romantic eyes at me.

“Do you have another lesson after this teaching session?” She asked.

I could feel my heartbeat. My bells felt crisp. I was getting so anxious. I needed an excuse to get out.

I convinced myself I’d get caught, I just knew I would.

And so as I was about to tell her that I had to help a student prepare for their history exam the next day — when instead the words that came out were.

“Next student seems not so serious. I will be bored.”

Shanika scooted closer to me.

“My parents won’t be back for a few hours from work and the maid has gone to the market. We can have the moment to ourselves”

My eyes went up..rolled and shot hard at her face. My Mavado got chilled and I felt a piecing pain below it. It could not be any harder, and she could blatantly see my pants pathetically attempting to hide my stiff vein.

Where was this coming from, I asked myself as I gulped at my dry throat.

“So what is it you like the most about me?” she asked.

I gulped again and took a deep breath.

This isn’t the girl I knew – a chilled whisper ran inside my head.

“Can’t we…just have a little fun?” she begged as her left hand ran over my trousers.

“Come on show me how it looks, just a little,” she added, while groping me.

That was it. I couldn’t take it any longer. The only voice in my head was a blood-deprived one shouting ‘Do it’ from different directions. I shot my lustful eyes right back at hers.

“Favorite part? Let me show you right now,” I said.

I grabbed Shanika by the hand and we walked up the stairs into her bedroom. I closed the door behind her and she sat on the bed, her eyes locked with the unmistakable bulge in my pants.

“Take off those Jeans, let me just see how it looks,” she begged.

A slight smirk appeared on her face as I slapped out my hard Mavado. “Wow you’re even sharp!” she said with delight.
“Hmmm…” I muffled for words that didn’t come out. Then I asked her to also show me her Onion too. I was just as ready to just pound my G’ nuts away.

Shanika pulled her floral cotton dress up exposing her purple panties; they were laced, choking the upper parts of her bosom. I walked up to her, turned her around, and bent her over the bed.

While I tried to help her get on her hands for support, I slid my moovas into her well buttered rails.

She pierced out with a loud hiss and noise — mummy…

We both heard the outer door squeak open. She fumbled as I jumped out diving for my panties, Sadiq Wassa of the time style…


To be Continued….



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