Born Brian Kirumira 33 years ago, Brian White as he is popularly known has gatecrashed the Kampala social scene.

Infact he has not just gatecrashed, he’s taken over. And this has not gone well with the likes of Jack Pemba.


Brian White is now a household name, thanks to his money splashing antics.
Nowonder his pals call him Uganda’s Floyd Mayweather.

The American superstar is known majorly for two things; his boxing prowess and money splashing.

Brian White splashes the cash.

Xclusive UG’s Claude Muhi sat him down for a chat….

On Splashing The Dime

All through the interview Brian insisted he was not wealthy.


“I am not rich with lots of wealth. I am just rich at heart. All I want is to help Ugandans and that’s what I have decided to do for the people,” Brian starts off.

He wondered why a section of Ugandans are ridiculing and criticising him for his good heart.

He wonders: “I should be criticised if I had engaged in kimansulo. But helping people should be something the world and Ugandans should appreciate.

Let’s all as a nation embrace each other and enjoy together.
People always want wars but that’s not what matters.”

He also had something to say about his private life that a few are not happy with.

“People say I stay on Salaama Road. What if I stay there? Is it a problem? Its people not animals that stay there.

Let’s not try to fight each other. Let’s work towards uplifting our country. Look at people like Mr. Sudhir Ruparelia. He has been here and helped people. He should be appreciated at all times.

My role is to help people. I have projects in Jinja, Mbale, Karamoja and all over the country.”
On His Role Models

“My role model is Mr. Katongole of Quality Chemicals. I really love and respect him a lot.
And he is always told me he appreciates my works and encourages me to continue helping our people,” Brian says.
On Jack Pemba

Just earlier this week, Jack Pemba a Uganda based Tanzania businessman help a press conference and said he was back in the country to takeover the showbiz game from Brian White.


Brian categorically distanced himself from Pemba wars.

“The most important person in the country is Museveni. Now I hear people say Jack Pemba is number one, I wonder.

What I can tell the public is all I care about is helping people.
I respect everyone. You will never find me fighting for VIP seats in bars. Bar owners like Mr. Charlie Lubega don’t do that yet they own the biggest joints.
Let’s learn to respect each other.

Directing his missive to Tanzanian Pemba, Brian advised investors to respect Ugandans, not moving around speaking crap.

We hope government will help up and tame such investors.

Pemba needs to mature not just saying he wants his table

at Fusion Autospa back.

Let him respect his children who are even older than me.
If he wants his table let him take it. I have tables at home as well.

Let’s help each other. This is about all of us, not Pemba or me.

As an investor like he claims let him put up valid businesses like a sports agency and that’s when we will respect him.

Bring cancer machines and then we will know you are an investor from Tanzania.
Buying alcohol in bars or personalising a car doesn’t make Pemba an investor. Any fool can do that really.

I despise you, you are not an investor. You are a manipulator.

Just being in bars buying booze and hanging with girls is not investment.

No one can respect you for that.
Learn manners especially when in public.

President Magufuli needs you, go help your country. Am home, so am comfortable.
He says he has spent five years in game. Who is playing a game?

Uganda doesn’t end in Kampala bars. My friend from Dodoma, go slow.
No one knows you outside Kampala. Style up. Owning a saloon means nothing.
Let everyone do whatever they want with their money as long as its legit. But let him stop involving me in his crap.

All we need is to grow our country,” a furious Brian shoots.
On Drugs

On reports of drug dealing,  Brian insisted these are cheap propagandists who want to divert the public from his good work.

He also said he doesn’t use tax payers money as has been alleged. He insisted he doesn’t know the president personally.

“Let’s us not hate each other. Unity is key for development and growth.

All we need is attracting investors who will come and aid growth,” he advises.
On Reports He Holds No Passport

Recent media reports have shown Brian White has never left the country since he holds no passport.

“If I have no passport that’s fine. I call upon Ugandans who appreciate the good stuff I am doing to join hands and do the good work.”
On Afande Andrew Felix Kaweesi Murder

Speaking on reports that he offered Kaweesi’s girlfriend shs200m, Brian wondered why someone could come up with such a concoction.

“This will affect me because my children will see this in the future since it will be plastered all over google,” he said.

Brian urged media to be mindful and not tarnish people’s names.

He also cautioned media against causing ‘wars’ among people by publishing sensational stories.
On Salim Saleh

On his relationship with Saleh, he denied claims that he ran to him for protection.
He said: “Salim Saleh does not protect criminals. Media should respect people like Saleh. Such people have done a lot for this country.FB_IMG_1511085162377
At least tarnish my name but not Salim Saleh.

If you want attention, be mindful of the people you look at. You can get Saleh’s attention but make sure you don’t get the wrong attention.”


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