The NUEA were started in 2015 by Sir Allan Kaweireku, a young ambitious man of mixed origin- Eastern and North.

The Organizers - Allan and Passy during the press meet at Game Club

The Organizers – Allan and Passy during the press meet at Game Club

While at a press conferencee that was held yesterday – Monday 6/11/2017, Allan took on the journalists explaining the gist of holding the second season of the awards in Kampala and not in the North. – we decided to hold this year’s event in Kamapala so that the musicians in the north can get the exposure and be appreciated on a wider norm, he explained.

The NUEA had their first birth event in Lira at Lira Hotel in 2015. When asked why they didn’t happen in 2016, the acting marketing manager Mr. Passy explained that the 2016 season didn’t take place because of election traumas in the North.

Now Season 2 started in

July till August with forms distributed to each northern districts through NUEA Representatives – Passy added.

This website further noted that many entertainers through their managers picked the forms,filled them and submitted them on time.

The Criteria for verification was done with the help of the representatives and the nominees were selected using different platforms that the entertainers used to air out their talents. Xclusive Ug also got to know that a arty was organized on 30th September 2017 in Gulu where all were invited. During the party, through Dmark mobile the key platorm, Nominees were each given their Voting codes n the voting started on 1st Oct 2017.

Voting will end on 3rd Dec 2017. About Categories, Sir Allan will forward u.

“People should know this event is real & will be a one to remember event with many surprise artists, Allan concluded. We were also told that the Nominee that hits the highest voting range which is 10,000 SMS votes will walk away with a Car while the most disciplined will be given 1,000,000/- in Ugx.

Watch the space.


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