MUSICIAN Pius Mayanja aka Pallaso has told a fan to suck his d*** is a brutal social media storm.


Pallaso's tweet has riled many

Pallaso’s tweet has riled many


This was on Twitter after a tweet by local television presenter Denzel Mwiyeretsi who on his routine #XQuestion, featured on his ‘The Shuffle show,’ asked tweeps

‘which Ugandan musician needed to take a rest from music!’

A one Delay Dee, believed to be a fan of Denzel’s show, innocently tweeted back with two names; Desire and Pallaso.

While Desire stayed unbothered, Pallaso took offence telling off Delay Dee to suck his privates.

Many people have come out to condemn Pallaso’s language, with many calling upon corporate companies like MTN to cancel their contracts with him.

Pallaso spent over a year in an America jail over crime.


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