WINNIE NWAGI has ignited and internet war by claiming former pal Irene Ntale is a bore in bed, no wonder men are running away.

Bootyliscious Nwagi, signed to Swangz Avenue, made the controversial remarks at the height of a social media standoff between the pair, and their thousands of followers.

For the last few days the singing stars have been engaged on a bitter exchange on snapchat with accusations and counter accusations rocking everywhere.

Ntale and Nwagi are at loggerheads

Ntale and Nwagi are at loggerheads


The rift started when former Swangz Avenue’s songstress Ntale hit out on Nwagi that she was exposing her rural -urban excitement during the UNAA convention that was in the United States over the weekend.

The war escalated when Ntale made fan of Nwagi who had gone to attend the UNAA convention in

the US.


As if that wasn’t enough, Ntale further attacked Nwagi that she can even ‘kwekweeya or kuvuga ggali'(which is loosely referred to as ride a bicycle) on the tiles after using toilets in USA. And Ntale continued to wonder how Nwagi managed to get an American visa..


And Nwagi shot back at Ntale claiming that she is so poor and not sweet at all when it comes to bedroom matters.

She added that, that’s why all her men including Laftaz Bar boss Jonathan Kyeyo run away after finding she is weak in bed.


Nwagi further claimed that Ntale is frustrated after her plan of becoming a real force crushed following her Swangz Avenue exit.


Nwagi advised Ntale to go to sing for locals in bars where they sell tea and leave the corporate world.

It is not clear when the two artistes started biffing but we can reveal ever since Ntale left Swangz Avenue, all has not been well with her former bosses.

Watch this space!


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