VARIOUS UGANDANS continue to have quality time in the United States of America following the completion of the UNAA conferences.

Judith Heard and one of the P Square boys

Judith Heard and one of the P Square boys

While many hang with fellow Ugandans and continue to enjoy the beautiful States scenery, one Ugandan has taken it a notch higher.



Heard, who else?

The petite model posted a video and pictures of herself hanging out with Nigerian superstars P Square.

The trio spent some quality time together in Las Vegas Nevada.


The P Square boys seemed to have had so much fun with Heard that they even sampled Ugandan singers Moze Radio and Weasel’s song Nakudatta.


This was not the first time the Nigerian twins met with Heard. The trio met years ago when they (P Square) were in Kampala for a music performance.



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