FORMER MISS Uganda and Big Brother Africa star Stella Ellah Nantumbwe has turned to self proclaimed Prophet Elvis Mbonye for blessings.

The gorgeous beauty queen was part of the big congregation at Kololo Independence Grounds last night for prayers. The night was hosted by prophet Mbonye.

Stella Natumbwe (in the middle) listens attentively to Mbonye

Stella Natumbwe (in the middle) listens attentively to Mbonye

Stella deep in worship

Stella deep in worship


Ellah was spotted in the congregation in deep prayer.

Described as a ‘prophet with an unprecedented

record of prophetic fulfillments’, Mbonye has risen from nothing into a household man of God attracting thousands of followers especially the female youths.

Four years ago, Prophet Elvis Mbonye was just another little known pastor. He had no Church he was attached to just a small fellowship called Zoe, where he conducted his ministry.

Today, Mbonye sells like hot cake because of his political, spiritual, national and international prophecies.

However his journey to greatness has not come without criticism with some labeling him a fake prophet.

A picture of a worshipper kissing Prophet Elvis Mbonye’s shoes taken at Kololo is already causing a social media storm.

A section of Ugandans are even calling upon government to take action against Mbonye to avoid a Joseph Kibwetere scenario.

Cult leader Kibwetere burnt alive followers in Kanungu in the 1990s.


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