THE WIFE of dubious city tycoon Emmanuel Kaweesi Lwasa insists it’s a matter of time before he husband dumps musician Desire Luzinda, and ‘returns home.’

Speaking to our sources, Martha Kaweesi Lwasa, known as Maama Angel by friends, says this is not the first time her hubby is romping offside.

Tycoon Lwasa with his official wife Martha

Tycoon Lwasa with his official wife Martha

Lwasa and Desire Luzinda

Lwasa and Desire Luzinda


“Hahahahaha, it’s not the first time he is doing this

of course. He (Lwasa) will use her and when he is fed up, he will come back home. I am so used to this. It’s not the first time he is seeing other beautiful girls who are even far better than Luzinda,” Martha said.


She further revealed that while she does not really get bothered by the fact that her hubby strays, all she is scared of is him infecting her with sexually transmitted diseases.

And she also told us that she doesn’t fully trust singer Desire regarding her health.

She added: “My concern is STDs. You cannot trust these Kampala girls, especially Luzinda. She has been linked to so many men that have probably infected her with funny diseases. I just hope my man uses protection. “


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