MOZE RADIO and Weasel TV, the Goodlyfe top dogs, have told ‘DIRTY BAD MIND MEDIA’ to stay in their lane and not pretend to support them if they did not ten years ago.


Moze Radio and Weasel have always been vocal

Moze Radio and Weasel have always been vocal

For starters the Goodlyfe duo will be celebrating ten years in the music industry later this year (Good for them really).

They will be holding a concert dubbed 10

Years of RAW at Kyadondo Rugby Grounds in Kampala.

But it looks like today they singing duo had a message for a section of the media.

The singers wrote on their facebook page: “Dirty Bad mind Media Team and smart phone Bloggers. If you never supported our hustle 10 Years ago please don’t guide us now. We come from far. Rocked this industry even before you got that job & still Rocking it.”

For quite some years, the duo especially vocalist Radio have clashed with various media personalities with many accusing the talented musician of arrogance.

Not that he has ever cared.




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