GOSPEL STAR Exodus has been banned from Industrial Area based Club Play after a bitter fight with married lover Judith Heard, Xclusive UG reveals.

Judith Heard and Exodus

Judith Heard and Exodus

The singer, also married, has been cheating on his wife with married Judith Heard.

Judith is married to American pensioner Alex Heard.

But it is a public secret that Exodus and Judith have been enjoying secret trysts for years.


However their romance hit a dead end a week ago when Judith bumped into Exodus with another babe in

Club Play.

A sobbing Judith went native physically attacking Exodus, demanding to know why he was cheating on her.


The situation turned ugly when a tipsy Exodus retaliated with slaps and kicks sending the skinny Judith tumbling over tables, breaking glasses and pouring patrons’ expensive drinks in the process.


The incident was only resolved when club bouncers rushed onto the scene and whisked the fighting pair out of the nightclub.


Meanwhile Exodus’ mystery girl took off for dear life.

Now sources tell us that after thorough investigations, management as resolved to ban Exodus from the nightspot until further notice. Judith Heard survived the ban since she is one of their biggest spenders.



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