MUSIC PROMOTER Balaam Barugahara has dismissed claims he is indebted to superstar Jose Chameleone insisting pair are like brothers and in good stead.

Balaam and Chameleone are like brothers

Balaam and Chameleone are like brothers

A few days ago, claims were flying left right and centre that the two had fallen out following the recently concluded Hit After Hit concert in Kampala.

According to reports Chameleone was bitter with Balaam for failing to clear his outstanding debts.


Balaam has dismissed the claims insisting him and Chameleone have

a ten year contract.

He insists he doesn’t own Chameleone any money.


He told this website:

“I don’t owe Chameleon any money. Kindly ignore hooligans who focus on tarnishing good people’s image.

Get it right, I and Jose Chameleon are like brothers, we never quarrel and have a long term relationship. I have a fully paid 10 years and insured my contract with Chameleone, he can consent to this. I owe no one in the entertainment industry (not even a cent).

I advise hooligans, who write idiotic stories to focus on their company’s progress other than expecting free money whenever they post rubbish.

To those who appreciate my work including Jose Chameleon, thank you.”


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