WHEN weekend hits, sitting around watching reruns of soapies is the last thing on your mind. You want to go out and have a good time with your friends, share great moments that you’ll remember for long, and dance until your legs can’t hold you up any more!

Sky lounge


With amazing nightlife for party goers like you, the Carribbean pool chills is another way to relax in style.

The caribbean pool chills happen every sunday at the newly established Sky Lounge Beach

Each Sunday, they come up with a different artist and last Sunday it was the self proclaimed turn table assasin Dj Starboy hosted by G-entertainment’s Mc Esco.

Sky lounge

Together, they mashed up the crowds playing new jams which forced them into dancing and screams.

These fun party is just what you need

to liven up and provide you with tons of laughs, fun and memories.

Sky lounge Sky lounge Sky lounge Sky lounge Sky lounge Sky lounge



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