WELL, if you have noticed it has now become a trend for all girls in Kampala to boldly ask for money irrespective of whether they know you or not, they will boldly walk to you and ask for anything the moment they see you look their way.

The Kind of Kampala girls that will ask for money to keep up

The Kind of Kampala girls that will ask for money to keep up

Its a norm now to say ‘can you please buy me and friends some beers’ as if that is not enough,excuses of Uber fares are a constant if you want to meet with them er well because they will have their friends’ – the so called secretaries tagged along.

The trend is really catching up even on social media whatsup and facebook.

They will randomly call you and ask for a favour to lend them quite a substantial amount of money. And well who does that when you hardly know eachother. Ugandan girls do!


What it means when a Kla girl asks for money on the first date;
Here’s how it works – these girls play on one of the most basic human desires, the desire for sex. They also take advantage of a common con-man/mind-control technique designed to make you feel good about the mistakes you’re about to make.

A night in Kampala with a chic

A night in Kampala with a chic

The scam works a little like a slot machine – you get something back every now and then, so it feels like you’re winning, but overall you’re losing in a sense. You got a date or got to talke to her for nothing, but I bet you paid for her and if not her friends beer or meal – she just got a free meal and maybe a ride somewhere – did she do anything else on your date or first meeting?

Then, she calls you and says she’s not sure if she really likes you or not, which trips your sexual nerves, and your desire to succeed, and provides you with a problem you really want to solve. Then, she gives you what seems like a solution – just loan her some money. You’re thinking “well if I loan her some money, maybe that will help her decide to like me” or “it will prove I’m a good person” or a hundred other reasons designed to make you feel good about yourself and to make the “loan” seem like a good decision.

Once you give the loan, you’re sunk. She’ll never pay you back, and she’ll go deeper and deeper into your pockets often “in exchange” for sex or other “favors” and she’ll bleed you dry and then move on to the next person.

It is a trend now because I have heard this story a thousand times and almost got caught up in it once myself.

How To Throw The Game Back

However, here’s what you do when you get the phone call talking about those silly faours- turn it around on them. Say “yeah, I’ll give you half of the money you asked for two hours of the same beers or meals we had last night, and you won’t have to pay me back” – which, instead of a smart con-man, I’m sure makes her feel like a prostitute, which is exactly how you should see it in her by the way, even the night before.

Trust me they will hang up and not go for it, and a few nights later you will see them in the same bar trying the scam on someone else.

The other way you to play this, is to make it into a straight exchange of sex for money. She gets what she wants, you get what you want and nobody cries about it later.

Because the situation absolutely has all the signs of a sex-con for money. Just do not fall for it and start crying Kampala girls are thieves because it is not all of them, just a few who think they can play smart.


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