THE CONTROVERSY surrounding self-claimed music doctor Joseph Mayanja aka Jose Chameleone and his wife Daniella Atim is not about to end, especially after our Snoops unearthing shocking information.

Chameleone and Daniella cuddling

Chameleone and Daniella cuddling

Word has been spreading for several days now that Chameleone and Daniella have marital problems and sex woes, which had forced her to flee their home. However, our Snoops reveal that Chameleone and Daniella’s supposed split is a pure stunt which the singer wants to

use to promote his upcoming music concert.
It should be noted that Chameleone plans to stage a music concert mid this year. However, in order to evoke public sympathy and lure people to his gig, Chameleone allegedly hatched a plot with a city promoter to plant a story about his supposed split with Daniella, such that he can use it as an opportunity on which to hinge his concert.

It should be noted that Bebe Cool, who is Chameleone’s close friend, also pulled the same stunt some time back with his wife Zuena Kirema, which helped him to promote his ‘Agenze’ concert.


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