As Ugandan journalists convened in Kampala to commemorate May 3, World Press Freedom Day in Kampala, some of their colleagues were at the receiving end of police brutality.

The Police arrested seven journalists identified as Phillip Onyango, Issa Kigongo, Bukenya Ronald, Mukisa Daniel, Kabuye Ronald, Nakabale Issa and Atusingwize Johan for allegedly holding an unlawful assembly.


The seven, who allegedly belong to a breakaway faction of the Uganda Journalists Association (UJA), and tried to organise a match without police permission.


journalists insist that they told Police of their intended match, according to HRNJ Uganda.

“We wrote to police on 20th April, 2017 about our plans for the day, but we were surprised when it turned against us and roughed us up as though it was illegal for us to have parallel activities,” said Kigongo, one of the journalists.

They also decried the manner in which they were arrested:


“I was brutally arrested by the police, they tore my trousers and I sustained a cut on my head. They also confiscated my property including a cell phone,” Nakabaale told HRNJ-Uganda at CPS.


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