SINGER Robert Kyagulanyi commonly known as Bobi Wine come out to clarify on pseudo buzz on joining politics.

The “Specioza” singer has revealed his intention of joining the 10th parliament.

During TV interview with NTV Akawungeezi on Wednesday evening, Bobi Wine said he is joining the race. This comes after court kicked out Kyandondo East MP Apollo Kantinti.

Bobi Wine

“I am joining parliament as a leader not politician. I am not a politician and I am not here

for politics. I am a leader and I am here for leadership.” He said

“As youth we don’t like politics because of the inequalities and corruption in it. The more you grow old the more you realize your responsibilities and the mistakes happening. If you don’t rise up to fight them then your kids will be the victims.” He said.

“I hope to give people hope and power, I have the voice to be their leader and I will be heard. At least if they won’t hear me I will sing them an acapella” Bobi Wine said.


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