BUGANDA has warned Bobi Wine to restrain his relatives from threatening Kingdom employees after part of Busabala Beach land demolition.

Bobi Wine

Disappointed Bobi Wine was outraged by the demolition of part of his developments at Busabala #One #Love #Beach.

“It is an injustice by my own to their own, but I have to face it and know that will pass. I will not pursue it

any longer,” Bobi Wine said

According to a statement from Buganda #information #minister #Noah Kiyimba, who is also doubles as the Kingdom’s spokesman, Bobi Wine was informed in writing from 2011 to March 2017 regarding this land and requests to meet him and solve the issue amicably fell on deaf ears.

“It is, therefore, surprising that Bobi Wine is now using the media to put the good name of the Kingdom in disrepute when it is him who occupied the land illegally and forcefully,” Kiyimba said


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