FOR OVER 10 years singer Sheebah Karungi has been a public figure with almost everything that goes about in her life a public secret.

Sheebah Shows off her Tones

Sheebah Shows off her Tones

However not much is known about her love life. And for the first time while appearing on NBS TV, Sheebah revealed that she is searching for a man.

Speaking to MC Kats, Sheebah said that she is looking for someone who will love her the wwy she is.

“I want a man to love me for what I am amd nothing else. I also love

him back,” the talented singer said.

The star also came out clearly to put an end to talk on social media claiming that she is a member of Illuminati.

The singer  revealed to her fans that those are just rumors started up by people who want to damage her image since all they want is to see her go down.

“There is nothing like illuminati. The secret is; work hard, love what you do, push in extra time, be persistent and then you will see the results. To be sincere to you, I don’t know illuminati, I have never seen illuminati, I actually don’t know what it means,” the singer disgustingly replied to a fan who was attaching her music success to the devil.”


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