Samira Teaches Weasel Son Sex
Singer Douglas Mayanja aka Weasel’s is being taught sex by his mother Samira Tumusiime at a very early stage.

Samira and Weasle's son kissing a girl recently

Samira and Weasle’s son kissing a girl recently

Our Snoops reveal that Samira, being a party animal who got introduced to matters sexual at a very early stage in her life, seems to be on a mission to turn her

son into a Sexpert of sorts.

She has started by teaching her how to kiss young girls in the neighbourhood. As a result, Weasel’s son has become kissing maestro and parent with young girls have started hiding their daughters whenever they see him around in the neighbourhood in Buziga.



Well, perhaps the adage which says that ‘like father like son’ may come true on this boy, because his dad also very experienced in those matters.


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