CITY ACE  lawyer Caleb Alaka, who is representing Omusinga Wesley Charles Mumbere in court, recently hooked himself a babe only identified as Rachael.

Caleb Alaka with  with  Rachael and Sam Muyizi

Caleb Alaka with with Rachael and Sam Muyizi

Our Snoops reveal that Rachael, who works at a top city law firm, is these days enjoying life with Alaka. The Snoops intimate that “Alaka and Rachael are enjoying themselves so much that they often hang out at city night spots, where they often chew pork and drown in lots of booze.” The Snoops add that “They often hang out with lawyer Sam Muyizi, who acts as a cover

up for Alaka.”
[8:06am, 1/23/2017] Zuzu: & the friend told me when i & Caleb meet once in wheal his always positive about my friend but anyway you can’t tell human heart and more so his a man if he can handle then he can marry any number of women but for all i care my friend is OK.
[8:41am, 1/23/2017] Zuzu: and they other news from Linda’s home is since the fight when ever Linda sleeps home Caleb dose not return home when she is always away he comes sleeps around or when his around she also goes away its crazy

Alaka's Side dish Racheal

Alaka’s Side dish Racheal


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