A BRITISH  investor in Entebbe has blown hundreds of millions of shillings which he invested in a bar known as Red Rooster, and ended up selling it.

Raymond Hughes and Chantal Mbabazi On Their Wedding Day before they split

Raymond Hughes and Chantal Mbabazi On Their Wedding Day before they split

Raymond Hughes, who has spent several years in Entebbe, is currently bedridden in Nairobi, where he was rushed a few weeks back for medical treatment after contracting a deadly disease. Hughes, according to our Snoops, sold his bar to an American investor, who owned Deuces bar in Kansanga.

However, this American recently sold his Deuces bar and used the money to buy off Hughes from Red Rooster at reportedly Shs148m, which he has since renamed

Outlaws Bar and revamped it. Red Rooster had gone to the dogs ever since Hughes decided to hook, bang and dump babes at will, while spending all his earnings on these babes. He was at first married to Chantal Mbabazi, who introduced him to the Western-jazz affair.

After two years he hooked Anisha Resty, who chewed lots of his dime and almost drank the bar down. Hughes fell out with Anisha and hooked a one Gina Dauson, whom he however dumped after 8 months of steamy sex, replacing her with other babes who he been banging on freelance basis.

However, what came out of his sex sprees was a cocktail of diseases, which prompted close friends to rush him to Nairobi for medication, where he sealed a deal to sell his bar on his sickbed, so as to clear the medical bills.
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