THE MUCH  anticipated Roast and Rhyme is back for the yet another edition, we have exclusively learnt.

Roast and Rhyme

Roast and Rhyme

The quarterly, out-door event, according to moles inside Swangz Avenue is slated for Sunday 26th Feb, at their conventional home, Jahazi Pier Munyonyo.
Dubbed ‘Reggae Nyam nyam’, the third edition is aimed at bringing

together all the reggae music fanatics as they roast their favorite bites.
For starters, Roast and rhyme is an event organized by Swangz Avenue in a manner seen by many as a move to oust the much hyped blankets and wine.
However, over the past editions, Roast and Rhyme has cemented a legacy of bringing together the most classy audience, entertained by purely Ugandan artists.
We have however not established the crooners and divas likely to headline this edition.


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