CITY RADIO Andrew Kyamagero seems to be turning himself into a professional at Begging for Some.

She tried saving his number in her phone but failed

She tried saving his number in her phone but failed

Our Snoops reveal that Kyamagero, who is known to be banging a babe identified as Rachael Namanda, was over the weekend smoked out at Resort Beach in Entebbe begging a babe for Some. Our Snoops who smoked him out reveal that “Kyamagero cornered the babe and started throwing vibe, while begging for Some.

Later, when the babe proved to be a hard nut to crack, Kyamagero decided to ask the babe for her mobile number and he quickly gave her the digits.

Kyamagero saving number in gal's phone

Kyamagero saving number in gal’s phone

However, when he saw her fidgeting with the phone, he took it from her and personally saved his number in her phone, before they continued enjoying themselves.” Kyamagero however left many of his pals wondering where he had left Namanda, because they often grace party events together.


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